Designing a course for Domestika was the great challenge of the year 2020. When the world closed due to Covid19 and fear and uncertainty knocked at every door, an unexpected invitation came into my inbox: to think from scratch a course that brought together my knowledge and inspiration in this world of handl printing textiles.

And when, towards the end of 2020, one of the biggest peaks of the pandemic arrived, I got on a flight to Madrid, where I stayed for a week, simultaneously learning and putting into practice the art of talking to the cameras. Inside the recording studios, only the desire to do was perceived. I forgot about the state of the world and I was grateful to have that opportunity, not for the visibility it could bring me, but because having a challenge and feeling enthusiasm to do things, was indeed a great privilege at that moment.

Excelente curso, creativo y practico en el que nos muestra de manera clara y creativa los mejores usos del block printing. Me encantó. Muchas gracias.

Jéssica, Mexico

I really enjoyed this course. Marta not only showed how to create your own stamps but the entire process of creation (…) till digital pattern creation and selling it on the internet (…) Thanks a lot Marta, it was a pleasure to follow your course!

Just Design, Poland

This course is amazing and you can start getting beautiful results as soon as you get the material needed. Marta is such a creative person and her love for her art is really inspiring.

Renato, England

My Domestika online course is available for those who want to learn at their own pace, when and where you want! You will learn how to create your own stamps from scratch as well as print fabric using the traditional block printing technique. I will also teach you how to create an exclusive collection of patterns, for you to apply on clothes, accessories, household textiles, merchandising and stationery! The course is subtitled in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. In addition, there is a discussion forum where I clear up your doubts and follow up on your projects.

Thanks to the entire team that accompanied me in the recording studios, for their professionalism full of laughs and unforgettable moments.

Follow the link below to see the video and all the course content!