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Yulia came from Israel to learn with Atelier Karaka

Life is surprising. In a period of doubt and struggle to keep our enthusiasm to the fullest, the unexpected happens. That’s what happened with Yulia, a girl from Russia but living in Israel for four years. Yulia has worked several years for the World Wildlife Fund and travelled the world since young age (has been to India seven times!). Since her marriage, her life has changed and she has been feeling a call to explore her creative vein. She found us on dear Eunice blog, The Rabbit Hole, (which I advise you to visit since it is deeply inspiring) in an article about our first hand printing textiles workshop, at Atelier de Costura Portuense.

Yulia received a gift from her parents that gave her the opportunity to take a trip. Instead of going sunbathing to a tropical destination, Yulia decided to do something different. She  traveled to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Vila Nova de Gaia, where our atelier is located. It was an incredible afternoon, with a lot of sharing of knowledge and experiences. Even gastronomic … in the middle of the afternoon, Yulia wanted to try my soup just to have one more taste of Portugal!

Besides having gained a new friend, Yulia reminded me of the importance of opening ourselves to the world as there are so many beautiful things and wonderful people to meet. Thank you so much! So this will be the first article also available in English (I apologize for some spelling or grammatical mistake).