Christmas DIY – hand-printed wrapping

This year I share with you some of the gifts that I will offer at Christmas. For those who receive them, it will no longer be a surprise, but I thought it was more important to share these ideas before Christmas so that I could still inspire you with other wrapping options, alternatives to golden stars and overweight Santa’s papers.

I never liked receiving / giving gifts feeling that it’s just one more thing to accumulate at home. For me, buying only “because yes”, because “it’s okay to offer” or even “because it’s Christmas” don’t make much sense. I like to take advantage of this habit of offering to give wings to the creativity, reuse something, offer something useful and unique. And if it is something done by us, it always gains a special meaning. The idea of soaps came up because it is something we always use, however, to wrap them, I used hand-printed fabric with original stamps giving place to an original and colorful pattern. This fabric can then be used by those who receive it for their own sewing projects or to wrap another gift in the coming year to generate a reuse cycle. More eco-friendly than recycling, is to reuse!

I show you two very simple package proposals.

I began ro separate teh soaps with a piece of craft paper avoiding them to stick each other. For the round soaps, I wrapped them in the center of a rectangle of fabric with two of the edges creased inward. I held it with a piece of tape while I attached two loops of cotton thread on each side, giving it a “candy” look.

For rectangular soaps, also separated by craft paper, I simply wrapped it in fabric folded on itself, without hiding the “leftovers.” Then I slipped a string, crossed it on the other side, and looped.

Did you like the result? We have one of these “sweets” to offer to anywhere in Portugal or Europe!

You just need to take part in the giveaway that we will launch on our Instagram page! To compete, just follow my profile, like the publication of the giveaway (released on December 10th with the hashtag #giveawaykaraka) and make a comment with the name of 3 instagram profiles who you think will like these ideas for Christmas wrapping. You can participate as many times as you want in order to increase your chances of winning! The giveaway is open until midnight on December 13th!

Good luck and a wonderful Christmas with many beautiful and unique gifts!