From Príncipe to Atelier Karaka

Ana and Rute are two sisters that came from Príncipe to Atelier Karaka and I had the pleasure of meeting last Tuesday. They came to Atelier Karaka for a workshop to initiate themselves in handprinted textiles  with the intention of learning but also putting these techniques into practice in Príncipe island, where Ana lives and works and Rute spends a few seasons. They are two enthusiastic girls for everything that is handmade, handcrafted and for the creativity present in each one of us. Therefore, they want handprinted textiles to be one of the techniques to be explored with the local community in the island. Together they have created the project “fromprincipetotheworld” that is taking the first steps and I invite you to follow the Instagram page. In addition to the photographs of this wonderful island, they intend to make known this initiative to put local people using craft techniques to meet the needs of products on the island creating a sustainable alternative to constant import.

As you would expect it was a well-filled afternoon sharing experiences and exchanging ideas. We spoke about fabrics, inks, tools, stamps, block print, stencil, masks, silk screen, dyeing, patterns, etc! Ana and A Rute also brought two leaves from Principe island, from which we inspired and discussed ideas to put into an handprinted textiles project.

Thank you and good luck for your beautiful project!


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