New Workshop – Block Print

Finally I bring you the handprinted textiles workshop focused on Block Print. This technique is very popular, with fans all over the world and countless are the artists/craftsmen/designers conceiving amazing pieces with it. Simply write “block print” in Pintrest search and your eyes will be delighted with the possibilities of it.

My visit to India in February of this year gave me the privilege of visiting some places where it is still practiced in a totally handmade way, as well as learning more about all the steps involved. In fact, it is the techniques with more particularities or tricks and only a bad choice of paint or other detail to make the whole work unfeasible.

In this workshop, participants will learn and experience themselves all these phases: create a design that can be stamped; transfer the drawing to the block; carve the block; design different patterns with the same stamp and handprint a tote bag. We will also talk about the choice of fabrics and most appropriate inks as well as the necessary tools and the best way to take advantage of them and create your own language.

The inspiration will start from the plants / flowers of our forests but the creativity has no limits and each participant will design their own stamp that in the end will take home together with the tote bag.

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These wonderful photos are from Liliana Fontoura.