Trying new materials and visual languages

As I have always been saying, handprinting is a world that never seems to end. Simply changing the type of ink, a tool, the fabric or just the way we feel on that day, will make the results different or the process will become a new challenge.

Here I wanted to try a different material to create a stamp and develop your well-known Block Print technique. As if that were not enough, I add a new difficulty to the project: creating a stamp that by its repetition gave rise to a seamless pattern. After some chinese ink sketches, ethnic inspiration eventually gave place to an animalistic camouflage.

The result surprised me by the positive as well as the behavior of the stamp rubber. Since it is a softer material, the adhesion to the fabric is better and the print becomes quite uniform.

The thandprinted fabric gave place to a wall hanging that will soon be on sale in our online store. By now, orders are accepted by email!