A look at 2018 – analog photographs

We begin the new year with images of what has passed. The “turning point” of the year is time to project what comes next but also to remember. 2018 brought many challenges, frustrations but was also was filled with wonderful moments and experiences that I will never forget. Therefore, I like to look at the course of a year as a set of events and try not to identify them or even to “judge” as good or bad. I’d rather remember them as more or less striking. Everything brings us learning, what we think is bad gives us the strength to change. And this is what we intend for next year, some changes motivated by events less good and that thus become as gifts that make us move forward. And you, what changes 2018 motivated you to do?

The beautiful images are from the last workshop in Porto, at Atelier de Costura Portuense, and were taken in analogue format by the talented Helena Teixeira.