(PT) Workshop com Joana Astolfi – Portuguese Makers

Portuguese Makers is an annual event, organized by a studio of the same name, that aims to bring together national and international creatives in a set of workshops, associating designers and brands. This year was held at Fundação de Serralves and I decided to participate in the packaging workshop motivated by the presence of Joana Astolfi, whose work I already admired a lot (look at the Estúdio Astolfi website) and the association with Claus Porto Claus Porto with its wonderful packaging of Art Deco patterns.

It was a great opportunity to be “on the other side”, receiving inspiration and being able to experiment and be creative without fears, just for the pleasure of getting my hands dirty with soap, since the challenge was to create a soap that people actually wanted to use (rather than religiously keeping it in a drawer), as well as thinking about its packaging.

I explored the textures on the surface of the soap as a way to give different “experiences” to the people who use them. I have a hard time buying clothes online because I need to feel the touch of the fabrics. Like the clothes, the soap touches our skin and can give us different sensations.

I was amazed and deeply inspired by the proposals of the other participants. I had forgotten how good it is to attend workshops!

Congratulations to the organization of Portuguese Makers. It went very well and I strongly advise anyone who is thinking about participating next year. The beautiful photos were provided by the team.