workshop estamparia manual

Handprinted Textiles Workshop

On the 9th we headed to Lisbon! It was the first time this year. Often they ask me why I don’t go there more often, but then, when they see the amount of material a workshop requires, they understand the logistical difficulty … I feel like I take the house on my back, among inks, stamping tools, wooden blocks for block printing, stamps, fabrics, etc. it’s almost 20 kg distributed by suitcase and backpack and sometimes some adjacent bags. In addition, the personal belongings of someone who will spend at least one night out.

This time I went, for the first time, to the atelier (and now also store) Companhia das Agulhas and I was quite amazed by the new space. In fact, space is not lacking! But more important than that, it is a cozy, beautiful and airy place. The fabrics for sale, organized in vintage furniture, become the decoration of the space making it colorful and inspiring. The person in charge is Sofia Craveiro (you shall already know her if you saw this episode of “Cozido à Mão”, a portuguese TVshow) and I have to congratulated her for this life project.

In the morning, 8 participants took used their imagination and designed their own scarf by exploring various techniques in the hand printing textiles workshop. In the afternoon, 7 women (and a 6-year-old helper) learned the steps to develop a pattern inspired by Portuguese tiles and applied it to a fabric frame with the stencil technique.

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