Nature’s Reunion

The distance and isolation generated in the pandemic climate were reasons for anguish, frustration and fear for many people. For me, it was also an opportunity to stop and put into practice a series of desires for which there had never been time before. One of them was to include fabrics with natural dyeing in my creations, which ended up materializing thanks to a partnership.

After a long-distance conversation, the idea took shape in Rome, where textile designer Chiara Leto dyed some fabrics (which were donated to her for upcycling purposes) with natural ingredients, namely logwood, avocado and tea. From Rome, the fabrics flew to Porto where they were printed by me with original patterns and using 100% logwood natural ink.

The process involved a series of tests to achieve a good degree of viscosity for the logwood-based ink.

“Working with Chiara in Nature’s Reunion project was a proof that relationships at a distance (in this case creative ones) work and bear fruit.”

Marta afonso

The project resulted in these versatile bags, useful for storing bread, taking lunch to work or having that picnic that the sun already invites. There are two models available: the avocado pink and the tea beige. They all have a small interior pocket perfect for taking the cutlery to work or to a picnic.