Bento Bag

© Paulo Dinis | Santo Infante

Bento, Origami or Azuma is a type of cloth bag that emerged in Japan when western culture penetrated Japanese culture, where there was a great tradition of wrapping using only fabrics.

It has several uses, from storing bread to transporting dried pulses, grains or fruits. The ends of the bag can be tied to create a handle or closing the bag.

The invitation for its creation came from Santo Infante, with the aim of integrating “Santo Pão” box together with a ceramic bowl and wooden knife from Sanpi, a handmade hazelnut cream by Gleba and an illustration by Carolina Celas.

Our interpretation resulted in a block printed triangles pattern making a nostalgic reference to the tiles of Portuguese kitchens where the smell of freshly baked bread prevailed.

Client Santo Infante
Photography Álvaro Martino