KARAKA atelier has responded to various challenges. Besides its own collections, the atelier develops made to measure projects and partnerships with other companies and creatives, while simultaneously attempting to nourish creativity and craftsmanship in the community through talks and workshops.

Exclusive textiles

Besides its core beauty, manual stamping techniques are versatile and allow the personalisation and adaptation of fabrics to any atmosphere and demand.

Domestic and commercial spaces

Working alongside decorators, architects, or the final clients themselves, we develop pieces or collections to integrate interior design projects, not only for domestic spaces but also for businesses and hotels.

Cushions, drapes, table linen, decorative panels, and upholsteries are just a few examples of pieces that, by being exclusive and perfectly integrated, will make any space feel even more special.

© Rita Glória Interior Design

© Miguel Soria | Muzza Weddings

Weddings / Events

Dealing directly with wedding planners or the final clients themselves, we develop exclusive textiles for weddings and other events, following a specific source of inspiration, responding to specific demands, and exploring the possibilities to personalise pieces.

Decoration, table linens and exclusive party favours are some of the elements that may make the wedding or other event even more memorable.

Collection development

We develop home textiles, garments, or even illustrations and patterns by taking our creativity to the purpose and objectives of other brands. 

The projects may integrate inspiration and material research, colour studies, tendencies analysis, creation of mood boards, technical drawing, and production follow-up. 

The applications are varied, from fabric printing, to wallpaper, packaging, stationary, corporate identity, etc.

Own collections

Home is our favourite space. It’s where we rest, dream, laugh, and create memories with those we love the most.

On the other hand, our clothes are an expression of our individuality, reflecting our values and motivations.

For the home and for the body we develop relevant and inspiring pieces that carry happy stories and respect nature and people.

Sharing / Teaching

We love to share our passion for design, art, illustration, and entrepreneurship in textiles while also encouraging everyone’s craftsmanship and creativity.

Therefore, we participate in talks and conferences, organise workshops for the general public, and are available to engage in community initiatives.