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we conduct handprinted textiles courses and

workshops (stencil, block print, stamps, etc.),
surface pattern design and illustration

We conduct workshops all over the country, inviting all participants to rediscover their own creativity and ability to create things themselves. All workshops are destinated to the general public, with no previous experience necessary. These workshops can be organised in co-work spaces, sewing ateliers, institutions, schools, etc.

Beginners Hand
Printing Fabric

This is the opportunity for anyone to try a set of manual fabric printing techniques that do not require specialised equipment, so that they can be repeated at home, autonomously. The participants will also learn how to develop their own patterns and print their own scarf. See what has been done in past editions here.

Pattern design
(manual methods)

In this workshop, participants are invited to explore a series of manual tools, such as drawing, clippings, paper collage, stamping, painting, etc., in order to develop a graphic concept. They will learn how to convert that idea into a seamless pattern; how to think about its applications; and how to prepare it for digital printing and manual fabric stamping.

Block Printing
(on fabric)

This technique is an adaptation of one of the oldest methods of printing. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create their own stamps, as well as the characteristics of the fabrics to use, types of ink and the tools needed. In the end, they will take home printed fabric as well as their own stamp.

(on fabric)

Participants will learn how to develop a pattern based on inspiring elements; how to divide the drawing in the different matrices correspondent to each colour; how to create the stencil in an artisanal way; and how to choose the most appropriate fabrics and inks. Participants will stamp the pattern that they conceived, creating a fabric picture that they can take home. See the project that each person is going to make here. See what has been done in past editions in Porto and Lisbon.


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